Best Beekeeping Suits for Beginners [Buyers Guide]

Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby, and bees are surprisingly amicable to people, until when you intrude on their area during honey harvesting. As a result, without sting-proof bee jackets, you may never be able to enjoy honey gathering or being among bees, because bee stings are not fun... at all.

The Characteristics of a Perfect and Safe Beekeeping Suit Being safe does not imply that it is ideal. You'll discover that some of the beekeeping costumes on the market are simply not suited for you. However, there are several that fix your present issue while still performing brilliantly.

Dimensions and Fit

While your beekeeping glove should be tight and conform to your hands, your beekeeping suit should be loose. It doesn't have to be too free, but it should be loose enough to allow for movement when working in your apiary. Keep in mind that you will be bending, twisting, and doing other activities while you check your hives. The proper suit size should allow you to accomplish all aspects of your profession without obstruction to your motions. Snug-fitting clothes will limit your movement, while loose-fitting suits can be just as unpleasant.

Level of Security

The safest beekeeping suits are those that are designed to give the best amount of sting protection. Beginner suits are often comprised of a robust and thick material that stops bee stings from reaching your skin. Expect these suits to be heavier, thicker, and more difficult to get into and out of. Unfortunately, this will raise the cost, but we'll get to that later.


In terms of comfort, the perfect suit allows you to move and perform freely without feeling like you're inside an oven on a hot summer day. Some suites offer that sort of assistance to beekeepers, and many agree that the suit, which enables air to move through it, is one of the best investments in beekeeping.

Material Employed

Cotton, nylon, canvass, or a mix of the three can be used to make beekeeping outfits. The one made of the canvas will provide you with the most protection. Others like cotton because it is a more breathable fabric than canvas. Some jackets are now made of nylon, but a small birdie informed me that nylon generates static electricity, which the bees dislike. Another beekeeper stated that any material with loose fibers (such as wool) should not be used since bees tend to tangle in them.

The following is a list of the top sting-proof bee costumes to pick from. The quality of the various bee costumes might vary greatly, so you should ensure that what you are purchasing is of top quality. In a nutshell, when purchasing a bee suit, make sure it is sturdy, has decent coverage, has good visibility, is easy to use, has a suitable number of pockets, and, probably most importantly, provides more and adequate protection against bees. With that stated, let's have a look at them.

Our Best Picks

Oz Armour Beekeeping Suit with Ventilated Air Mesh

Oz Armour is concerned with beekeeper safety. The Oz Armour Ventilated Air Mesh Beekeeping Suit exhibits excellent design and functionality. This ventilated beekeeping outfit is comprised of a fabric that allows for free airflow. Even in hot weather, it effectively cools you down. The robust duty cloth is also long-lasting. This Oz Armour beekeeping suit may be machine washed without causing any damage to the fabric.

The Oz Armour Ventilated Air Mesh Beekeeping Suit comes with two veil options: a fencing veil or a round veil with a brimmed cap. You are free to select the one that best suits you and connect it to the beekeeping outfit. Each veil has a strong plastic insert that keeps it away from your face. Most full beekeeping suits do not include gloves, therefore we like the fact that the Oz Armour Ventilated Air Mesh Beekeeping Suit includes ventilated cow-hide gloves. These gloves are as tough as the rest of the outfit and will keep your hands safe.

The elastics in the gloves provide for a close fit, preventing any bees from sneaking through and entering the suit. The beekeeping suit includes two alternatives for the veil that covers the head. You have the option of selecting your preferred alternative. The suit is well-designed, sturdy, and long-lasting. It prevents bee stings from penetrating your skin and hurting you. This suit is available in a lovely white color. It deflects heat and is gentle on bees. Dark colors on beekeeping outfits irritate bees, making them want to sting you. Toe and thumb grips on this beekeeping outfit maintain the legs and sleeves in place at all times.

Humble Bee 210-ST Polycotton Beekeeping Suit

This Bee suit is constructed entirely of Polycotton and has a veil with a circular cap that provides protection uniformly throughout the entire facial region. The strong brims and flexible strap let you stretch your hand freely.

It is comprised of medium-weight 50 percent cotton, which provides excellent protection against bee stings and ensures all-day comfort in any weather condition. It is completely fitted with a large mesh to protect the neck and shoulders, as well as flexible shoulder straps that make it exceptionally comfortable. It is intended to be worn by both sexes, male and woman.

This low-cost suit protects you from bee stings while simultaneously assisting the user in empowering the bee population. Humble Bee is specifically developed for local beekeeping and bee conservation projects.

OZ Armour Beekeeping Suit:

The mesh-based helmet on this beekeeping outfit provides ample ventilation and airflow around your face while keeping angry or defensive bees away from your most vulnerable places. A zipper across the front of the helmet allows you to quickly grab a drink or take a break to wash down your face while doing beekeeping activities.

The deep-set shape prevents the front of the veil from rubbing on your nose or spectacles, and a series of easy-to-reach zippers make removing the suit a snap. The OZ Armour Beekeeping Suit also has pockets and knee protection built-in.

Humble Bee 311 Polycotton Beekeeping Jacket

The Humble Bee 311 Polycotton Beekeeping Jacket has a folding fencing veil, exceptionally robust brass zippers, long-lasting double-stitched pockets, and a luxury canvas bag that you can always rely on while dealing with bees.

The medium-weight 50 percent cotton / 50 percent synthetic blend (280 gsm) provides excellent protection against bee stings and is designed to provide comfort throughout the day in any weather condition. It has a customized fit with a flexible waist and wrists and a thumb grip that keeps everything in place securely.

It is an all-gender design for men and women with heights ranging from 5'11" to 6'1′′ (180 to 185 cm), with a detachable veil that is easy to clean and store.

Humble Bee 410-M Polycotton Beekeeping Suit

The Humble Bee 410-M Polycotton Beekeeping Suit has a self-supporting circular veil, robust and agile brass zippers, long-lasting double-stitched pockets, and a superior carrying bag, making it reliable for beekeeping and conservation.

The medium-weight 50 percent cotton fabric provides excellent protection against bee stings while still providing optimal comfort in all weather circumstances. It features an elastic waist, elastic wrists, elastic ankles, thumb, and foothold to keep the suit comfortable.

This Humblebee suit is relatively inexpensive, and it is designed to boost local beekeeping operations and bee conservation efforts. The design is suitable for both men and women with heights ranging from 5'7" to 5'8" (168 – 173 cm). The veil is designed to be detachable so that it may be washed and stored. The product is backed by a two-year warranty.

REAMTOP Professional Beekeeper Suit

The REAMTOP Professional Beekeeper Suit is composed of fine white polyester fabric with a self-supporting and folding veiled hood and goatskin and linen fabric gloves, keeping you comfortable during hot summer days while protecting you from stings.

This bee suit has everything you need to protect yourself against bee stings, including a beekeeper's veil, jacket, pants, and gloves that cover the entire body from the head to the foot.

It is designed with the option for you to wear it independently, which means you may wear just a veil or a veil and jacket combo. Comfortably crafted of vented cotton-blend material and weighing roughly 2lbs, it keeps you cool even while you're wearing it in hot weather.

The cuffs of their jacket equivalents contain elastic at the ankle, allowing you to move your hand freely. Long sleeves and elastic around the cuffs are common features of ventilated gloves. It contains pockets on the jacket and pants for your convenience to store your other beekeeping equipment.

Flexzion Beekeeping Jacket

Flexzion Beekeeping Jacket is lightweight and composed of polyester, and it will undoubtedly protect you while also keeping you comfortable even in hot weather conditions. It is great for light hive work or for guests interested in seeing your farm. When not in use, the hood zips partially off and maybe reattached.

The flexible wrist and waistline aid in keeping bees from entering the garment. The mesh veil allows you to see clearly, while the round hat shape keeps bees away from your face.

It has a wide 8" pocket on the front where you can store small accessories and tools. It is also appropriate for both men and women to wear. It is washable in a washing machine.

Farmunion Protective Bee Keeping Jacket

This item is made entirely of brand new, high-quality cotton. It is constructed of a white jacket and veil, is lightweight and simple to wear, and is exceptionally cool in hot weather.

For optimal protection, it features a soft hand, a straight thumb, and good longhand. It comes with an extra keeping jacket veil and extra beekeeping gloves. The veil is fastened with a zipper and constructed of a sturdy black net that prevents bees from penetrating.

It is designed to accommodate most people of various sizes and is suitable for both male and female wearers. The front one-section pocket is ideal for storing small tools and accessories. The goods are packaged with 1x Beekeeping Jacket Veil and 1x Pair Beekeeping Gloves.

VIVO Professional White Beekeeping Suit

This suit is comprised of a lightweight fabric material that protects against bee stings while also keeping you cool even in intense heat. The hood has zips that can be partially unzipped so that it may be easily placed back on when not in use. It measures 45" from the brim of the hat to the elastic waistband, 29" from the shoulder to the elastic sleeve, and 30" from the hood zipper to the elastic waistband, making it quite comfortable to wear.

The 8" big front pocket provides additional storage for beekeeping gear and accessories. After use, the jacket and hood may be hand-washed for convenient storage and re-use. After carefully examining the various beekeeping costumes, you will undoubtedly be able to select one that will allow you to encounter bees without getting stung. With any of the products listed above, you get a safe and reliable beekeeping experience.

Safeguarding the Suit

Maintaining the safety and cleanliness of your suit should be a top priority for you. A specific space where you can hang your suits after you've used them would be nice. It is up to you to clean it, depending on the material of your suit. Canvas items must be soaked before being washed, but cotton, nylon, and polycotton mixes can be washed straight.

Many people recommend using a mild detergent and warm water to remove any honey or wax from your suit. A mild detergent can help your jacket last longer, but ordinary soap will also work. If you want it to stay sparkling white, use chlorinated water or bleach to remove stains, but be cautious not to damage the fabric with harsh chemicals.

Buy Genuine Beekeeping Suites from Oz Armour UK

As of 2016, OZ ARMOUR Beekeeping Protective Gear is the most popular brand in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. Wearing OZ Armor will keep you protected for years to come. To ensure your comfort, the fabric has been rigorously tested for sting protection and breathability. Designed by Australian beekeepers for Australians, this brand is proudly Australian.
OZ ARMOUR contributes to the education of underprivileged children through charitable donations.


To summarize, the safest suits are those built for heavy-duty use, and most professionals who handle a large number of bees would benefit from this. Beginners are also encouraged to choose this type since it will give the finest protection. We propose that a full bodysuit (rather than a jacket) be one of the first items purchased by a newbie because it provides 360-degree security. Ventilated ones are also available to boost your degree of comfort while working by allowing air to move through. Wash your suit regularly with warm soapy water and keep it in a designated spot. Finally, while purchasing a suit is necessary, it is optional because you may make your protective beekeeping outfits from old stuff in your wardrobe.