Best Beekeeping Suits of 2022 [Buyers Guide]

Bees are among the most ferocious insects in the animal realm. Each hive has guard bees, which serve as the colony's armed forces. They patrol the region around the hive and attack anyone they regard as a threat, whether human or animal. Africanized bees are more aggressive than ordinary bees and have been known to infiltrate other hives, so you never know where they will appear. These bees, known as the killer bee, will not only attack anyone who gets close to their hive but will also pursue the invader mercilessly.

The stinger of a honeybee is deadly, and few people are aware that if you suffer a bee sting and the stinger breaks off in your skin, that stinger must be removed immediately. Otherwise, it will keep injecting venom into your skin. A high proportion of people develop severe allergic reactions to bee stings. In some cases, allergic people have died as a result of bee stings.

Let’s have a look at the best beekeeping suits available in 2022!

  1. Oz Armour – Ventilated Beekeeping Suit

Beekeeping suits are doomed to be uncomfortable. In terms of priorities, the level of agility and protection required trumps comfort. Some people, on the other hand, refuse to accept no for an answer.

This suit from Oz Armour is an excellent example of a garment for beekeepers looking for that elusive comfort. Oz Armour makes a big deal out of the fact that this suit is ventilated, which prevents the buildup of heat that can make long days at the apiary uncomfortable.

The suit is made up of three layers of "fabric mesh," which, according to the manufacturer, "allows air to circulate about your body while also protecting against bee stings." This is an advancement above typical cotton suits, which are made of a solid fabric, although one that enables air to travel through.

The Oz Armour suit is more ventilated, but the unusual design goes above and beyond in terms of efficacy. The three-layer construction provides additional protection since the gaps between the layers are large enough that a bee cannot strike through them. It's certainly impressive that the same design component that provides airflow also provides protection! When everything is said and done, though, this is a suit that provides the innovation that it claims about. If you value comfort above all else, this is the one to get.

  1. OZ Armour Poly Cotton Heavy Duty Beekeeping Suit

OZ Armour Poly Cotton Beekeeping Suit is a one-of-a-kind protective suit constructed of the finest heavy-duty fabric that will last for years. The fabric is airy and sting-proof. OZ Armour Polycotton beekeeper outfit features long sleeves, elastic around the waist, cuffs, and ankles, and a self-supporting hooped style fencing veil headpiece with mesh wires that support and maintain its shape while providing excellent visibility.

The fencing veil can be removed or simply turned back, and it is comprised of poly-cotton and screen material to keep you cool. The top of the zipper is covered with a flap to prevent bees from entering your suit, there is a zip on the ankles, it is easy to put on and take off, and there are lots of pockets for easy storage of tools. The high-quality suit, which is made of professional-grade thick poly-cotton fabric, will last for years.

  1. Buzz Beekeeping Supplies Professional Beekeeping Suit

The Buzz Beekeeping Supplies beekeeping suit's trademark feature is its ten conveniently located pockets, which allow you to keep your beekeeping supplies such as the hive tool and brush. The suit is constructed of a cotton and poly combination that is both breathable and comfy to wear. You'll also be protected from bee stings owing to the elastic wrist and ankle restraints that keep aggressive bees at bay. It also features an inner collar to keep stings away from your neck. This Buzz Beekeeping Supplies outfit has ventilated sleeves for increased comfort, but the body of the suit is not. They also include extra goatskin gloves, which is a plus for the buyer.

This suit also includes detachable head fencing that is simple to put on and take off owing to the double slider zipper. Because the veil is so well-fitting, you must wear a cap underneath. To provide optimal security, all potential entry places for bees are covered. The heavy-strength zippers are also extremely long-lasting, and several of the pockets have heavy-duty Velcro flaps.

This beekeeping costume is suitable for both amateur and professional beekeepers. It provides maximum flexibility when handling tools and is lightweight enough that strolling around wearing the suit does not tire you out. It also enables some more garments to be worn underneath. This is a safe alternative for individuals who aren't seeking anything too pricey.

  1. Honey Keeper Full Body Professional Beekeeping Suit with Self Supporting Veil

Are you tired of wearing beekeeping outfits that work fine when the weather is cool but fail terribly when the temperature rises? This beekeeping suit is vented, which means it works well in all weather conditions. It excels in terms of both safety and comfort. Furthermore, it is significantly less expensive than other ventilated bee costumes. When working on your beehive, the full beekeeping costume with a veil provides excellent protection. It is constructed of excellent white cotton, which is not only cool and lightweight but also long-lasting.

One noteworthy characteristic of this beekeeper costume is that its veil hood is held by wires, which aids in maintaining its shape. A veil screen is also available to cover your face while providing optimum visibility on the front and sides. You'll also appreciate the elastic bands across the ankles and wrists, which keep it closed and tight from pesky bees. Because of its lightweight and flexible cotton composition, this suit is quite comfortable to wear. The suit and head covering can both be machine washed. It also has two pockets on the back and front to keep your necessities handy. It can also be folded.

  1. Mann Lake Economy Beekeeper Suit with Self Supporting Veil

The Mann Lake Economy Beekeeper suit, as the name suggests, is all about affordability. But don't be fooled by the label "economical." It is just inexpensive while being functional. It is composed of high-quality cotton and polyester, and all of its openings are well-secured to keep bees out.

This beekeeping costume is composed of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It has a self-supporting veil and is flexible at the wrists and ankles. It also has flexible thumb grips and heavy-duty zippers that are meant to durable and make putting on and taking off a joy.

Furthermore, the back of the hood is double-layered to act as a buffer against bee stings.

The suit also has 5 pockets for carrying beekeeping gear, an extra 2 zippers on the front side of the veil, is machine washable, has a ventilated hood, and comes in a variety of sizes. On the other side, its folding veil may allow bees to get too near to their faces. However, this suit fits the needs of the majority of beekeepers and is reasonably priced. It is now one of the most affordable alternatives on the market.

  1. SummerHawk Ranch 34995 Medium Beekeeping Suit

SummerHawk Ranch 34995 Medium Beekeeping Costume is a full-body beekeeping suit that includes a hat, veil, jacket, and pants. It's comprised of a cotton-polyester blend, so it'll keep you cool while you inspect your beehives. The outfit is made to protect you from bee stings as much as possible. It has elasticized trim around the wrists and ankles to prevent bees from getting inside your suit. Though the material is breathable, it is thick enough that bees cannot harm you through it if they land on you.

The SummerHawk Ranch 34995 Medium Beekeeping Suit's headgear is equipped with a see-through veil that shields your face from bees. The hat also features a wide brim, which keeps the veil from becoming stuck in your hair. With a wide-brimmed hat, you will have a broad field of vision and will be able to see comfortably all around you. It also implies that you have more maneuverability. You will be able to wander about freely, making it easier to collect honey or inspect your beehive.

Whether you are a first-time beekeeper or a commercial bee farmer with 100 hives, you will appreciate the attention to detail that SummerHawk Ranch has put into the design and construction of this beekeeping suit. While wearing the SummerHawk Ranch 34995 Medium Beekeeping suit, every step is taken to guarantee that the beekeeper is comfortable and protected.

  1. Natural Apiary – Apiarist Beekeeping Suit

This is a beekeeping outfit that appears to get the sizing just right - a difficult task. When it comes to bee suit sizes, acquiring one that fits (which, as previously stated, may be quite tough) is all about prioritising the appropriate amount of space between the person and the suit. Bee suits must be roomy to put some distance between bee stings and the wearer's skin, but they must also be properly fitted, maneuverable, and wieldy when utilized in the field. When it comes to the perfect, integrated beekeeping outfit, this suit from Natural Apiary is pretty much the pinnacle. It will keep you beautifully cool while letting you move around with ease, walking the balance between enough ventilation (remember, you are wearing – or should be wearing – clothes below it). This is no small matter, as it is accompanied by a folding veil that keeps the bees clear while yet allowing for adequate visibility. It is also resistant to the flash flames produced by your smoker. The fabric is, once again, polycotton, but in proportions that appear to keep stinging out while allowing air in.

  1. VIVO – Professional Large Cotton Beekeeping Suit

Regardless of price, this is a fantastic beekeeper's suit. One of those lucky breaks is that it is usually reasonably priced. This is not an inexpensive suit that simply stretches its price tag to an astounding extent - this is a suit that can compete with the more expensive ones.

Despite being made completely of cotton, the suit provides the level of protection that we would anticipate from a hybrid suit (cotton normally being used to provide comfort). It's a mystery how this suit manages to be both well ventilated and almost sting-proof.

However, it does. The veil, while not flameproof, keeps your face well away from the flames (a problem that you will have noticed has plagued most bee suits on this list). The suite provides a completely secure attaching of the veil to the rest of the costume via a robust zipper and a wide Velcro strap at the front. This is not a costume that will allow insects to enter.

The suit also appears to be well-made and capable of withstanding the severe cleaning that is frequently required after wear. The suit is very nicely fitted and fits well in all sizes, with plenty of freedom for movement.

  1. Humble Bee – 410 Polycotton Beekeeping Suit

The 50-50 synthetic cotton-polyester combination is undoubtedly the gold standard for combining sting protection and comfort (or as close to it as you can get in a bee suit). But it doesn't end there. Even the strongest sting-proof material is useless if the suit is not secure and integrated enough to keep insects out. Humble Bee — a company that has appeared on my list multiple times – has a track record of providing bee costumes that do exactly this and more. This fantastic suite is no exception.

The seal between this component and the rest of the suit – possibly the most important portion to get right – is flawlessly secure. It comes with a circular veil that provides superb visibility while still resting a decent distance from the face.

The suit is extremely well-ventilated, and the fabric is sting-resistant. It never hurts to wear enough thick clothing underneath, but this outfit should give you the peace of mind you need to conduct beekeeping properly. This, combined with the veil's exceptional vision – and security of distance – allows the beekeeper to stand amid an angry swarm and simply get on with it. This is what distinguishes a good beekeeping suit.

  1. Xgunion – Professional Beekeeper Suit

It is a wonderful state of affairs for modern beekeeping because novices can try their hand at the art before making a large investment. Competent and effective suits, such as this one from Xgunion, are a big part of that.

The first thing to notice is that this is a well-tailored suit for the price. It fits snugly and allows for freedom of movement in all sizes available. The ventilation is admittedly inadequate, but given the price, this should only deter people working in hot regions. Otherwise, it is not an issue for the inexperienced beekeeper.

The outfit provides adequate protection. Except for dense and aggressive swarming, the suit will save you from being stung. The round veil also provides good flammability protection and fits well. It also does not touch the wearer's face, as several of the more expensive suits on my list do. The beekeeper is entirely protected because he is dressed in thick clothing underneath. However, in hot regions, the combination of limited ventilation and heavy clothing may be unpleasant.

This is, however, an excellent beginner's suit, implying that when it comes to suits, things have never been better for beginners. And there aren't many aspects of beekeeping where you can say that!

Buy Genuine Beekeeping Suites from Oz Armour UK

As of 2016, OZ ARMOUR Beekeeping Protective Gear is the most popular brand in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. Wearing OZ Armor will keep you protected for years to come. To ensure your comfort, the fabric has been rigorously tested for sting protection and breathability. Designed by Australian beekeepers for Australians, this brand is proudly Australian.

OZ ARMOUR contributes to the education of underprivileged children through charitable donations.


That is all for this article, We hope that this helped you decide on the best beekeeping suit for yourself! Stay tuned for more informative articles!