5 Best Beekeeping Suits for Children in 2022 [Buyers Guide]

Beekeeping may be a multigenerational pastime that draws people of all ages together. It's a fun pastime that the whole family can participate in. Getting youngsters interested in beekeeping can lead to family activities around the hive. It is now more important than ever to pass on our beekeeping passion to the next generation so that they can carry on our mission to save the honeybees. Encouraging children to become acquainted with honeybees will allow them to enjoy the same enthusiasm that adult beekeepers do today.

However, just like adults, children must have the right equipment, like a beekeeping suit, before they may engage in beekeeping chores. Many youngsters, predictably, are scared of bee stings and are unwilling to operate within a hive. To alleviate some of this anxiety, provide your potential beekeeper with the necessary safety equipment so that they may feel safe and comfortable. The correct beekeeping outfit will provide youngsters the confidence to help in duties such as hive inspections and honey collection frames.

There are several beekeeping suits for children on the market, making it difficult to select the finest one that will protect your child. Fortunately, the research has been done for you in this piece, and you will be well-informed.

What to Look For When Purchasing Children's Beekeeping Suits

When buying a bee suit for a youngster, there are a few things to keep in mind.


The fabric you choose for your child's suit will be heavily influenced by the temperature in your area. Cotton, vented, and aerated suits are just a few examples of popular suit materials. Cotton suits offer the best sting protection, but they can also be warmer than other materials. Cotton suits are ideal for warm-weather climates. Polycotton is a cotton-polyester combination that makes the suit extremely durable. Ventilated bee suits are built of three layers: synthetic layers on the exterior and a foam core in the interior.

The foam produces an air gap wide enough for a bee stinger to become lodged without making contact with the skin. Finally, an aerated suit is comprised of polycotton fabric with foam panels for added ventilation. If your child will be working in a hot, humid climate, you may want to consider a vented or aerated suit.

Type of Veil

Veils can be fitted to beekeeping outfits. Veils affixed to suits offer a significant safety benefit. It reduces the likelihood of being stung by bees. A separate veil and suit may result in gaps and flaws that allow bees to climb into the suit. When deciding which outfit is appropriate for your child, there are numerous common styles of veils to consider:

Round Veil

The Round Veil is a popular style that offers a broad field of vision. The circular veil creates a safe barrier between the face and the protective mesh. This sort of veil is extremely breathable and allows for excellent airflow. The circular veil is great for hot summer days in hot climates. This veil is usually worn over a hat and extends past the wearer's shoulders. This sort of veil is preferred by many beekeepers.

Fencing Veil

The Fencing Veil is a new design that eliminates the need for a cap. This form of veil maintains its shape with wires, reducing the touch between the veil, the head, and the hair. Fencing veils provide the youngster with a peripheral perspective. Some beekeepers like this sort of veil because it keeps their hair out of the way as they tend to the bees.

The Square Veil

The Square Veil is practical and effective. The square veil folds up and maybe stored conveniently. To provide for adequate air circulation, the mesh is looped around the sidewalls. The veil is made up of two parts: a hardhat and a mesh veil, but you may use any hat to save money.


Even though beekeeping suits are lightweight, it is important to select suits made of high-quality materials. A high-quality suit will protect your youngster against stings. When caring for honeybees, bee stings are unavoidable, so pick a suit that will decrease how much your youngster feels. A high-quality suit will also feature a finer mesh veil that allows you to see through it more easily. You should also check the zippers and elastics around the wrists and ankles for quality. A lower-quality suit may contain gaps and holes that will allow bees to enter.

All well-made suits will feature several pockets, double-stitched seams for extra protection, a detachable veil, and tight elastic or Velcro around the ankles and wrists to keep bees out.

Correct Fit

Never wear a beekeeping outfit that is too small. A well-fitting suit can be worn loose but not baggy. The fit should let your kid move freely while adequately covering their entire body, whether they are standing up straight or bending down. When it comes to size, make sure your youngster has enough room to bend and twist. If the suit is overly large, your youngster may trip on the additional cloth. Take measurements and read the size recommendations before purchasing a beekeeping outfit.

Review of the top 5 Beekeeping suits for children

Let us have a close look at the top 5 beekeeping suits for children:

Oz Armour Ventilated children's beekeeping suit with round brim hat

The Oz Armour beekeeping costume is comprised of a double-layer fabric mesh that allows air to circulate while protecting you from bee stings. It has lowered the risk of stings. This suit acts as a barrier against bees. The veils have a unique insert within the hood that maintains the hood deep enough for noses and spectacles.

It's durable and long-lasting- the suit's hood is made of robust metallic Italian mesh, industrial-grade material that is designed to last for years, with rayon reinforcement for the pockets and knee pads. The suit is designed with children's safety in mind and offers a fitted fit. The costume contains an elastic waist as well as wrist and ankle cuffs. There are thumb and foot restraints to keep your skin safe.

Buyers were wowed by this high-quality outfit. Many people commented on how thin and light the fabric felt while still being strong enough to withstand bee stings. Buyers stated that their children felt safe and had a good time beekeeping. Buyers were very pleased with the value for money. Buyers were able to easily identify which fit was best for their child thanks to the thorough sizing information.

Humble Bee 420 Aerated Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil

The Humble Bee 420 bee suit was designed primarily for those who live in locations where temperatures are quite high. It is also appropriate for those with hot personalities, including children. A poly-cotton standard cloth is used to make aerated beekeeping outfits. It includes extra mesh and panels throughout the chest and back. Poly-cotton beekeeping outfits, on the other hand, are made of a 50/50 combination of cotton and polyester. Because it is aerated, it allows for more air movement in the suit. However, due to the lack of an additional layer of foam, it does not sufficiently protect against bee stings.

The Humble Bee 420 beekeeping suit is perfect for youngsters since it comes in three sizes: Small, X-Small, and XX-Small. These sizes are suitable for children aged 5 to 14. It also comes with a spherical veil that is inherently self-supporting. This shields your child's face as they work in the hive.

Bee Smart 400 Children Bee Keeping Kids Suit with Fencing Hat/Veil

Another excellent option for your tiny beekeeper is the Bee Smart 400 Bee Suit. This full-body beekeeping outfit is constructed of a cotton/polyester mix and comes with a detachable veil to keep your youngster safe from bee stings. The zippers are heavy-duty and fastened with a Velcro cover to prevent bees from crawling through any gaps or holes. Thumb straps that keep the sleeves in place are meticulously built into the costume. It's a medium-weight outfit with plenty of pockets for beekeeping gear.

The suit is available in three sizes: XXS, XS, and L. Before purchasing the suit be certain that it is the greatest fit for your child. This suit is only available in white. This beekeeping costume has wowed buyers. The costume is comprised of a thick cloth that guards against bee stings. The suit is comfortable and simple to put on. Many people believe that this costume is on par with high-quality adult bee suits, and their children are excited to wear it and engage with their hive.

Because the sizing chart was not easily available, a few consumers complained that it was difficult to discover the correct size for their child. They had to contact the seller and research other customer evaluations to get the best option for their child.

NewBee Children’s Beekeeping Protective Cotton Suit w/ Domed (Fencing Style) Veil

The NewBee Children's Beekeeping Protective Cotton Suit is a fantastic suit designed with your child's comfort and safety in mind. This suit allows for arm and leg development, allowing it to be worn throughout the year. To increase visibility, the full-body outfit features a removable fencing veil. The garment has elastic wrists with thumb hooks to prevent bees from crawling through any holes or crevices. There are several pockets and sturdy zippers. This suit is machine washable and simple to maintain.

This veil is popular with buyers. The size chart makes it simple to get the correct fit for youngsters. Many people stated that they were able to utilize the bee costume for multiple seasons. Children who have worn this suit can assist in beekeeping tasks without being stung by bees. The suit's durability pleased one buyer in particular. Several parents stated that their youngsters have a complete range of motion.

TOPINCN Professional Child Beekeeping Protective Yellow Cotton Suit Bee Farm Visitor Space Suit Anti-Bee Equipment Jumpsuit

The TOPINCN Professional Child Beekeeping Suit is a soft, breathable suit designed to keep children safe from bee stings. Cotton is used to make the suit, which provides both protection and ventilation. The fencing veil is small but provides excellent visibility. This suit may be machine washed.

This bee costume is available in two sizes: medium and large. Before you buy the suit, be sure to read their extensive size advice to guarantee you get the greatest fit for your child. This suit is also available in a bright yellow. Buyers are enamored with this bee costume. Many parents reported that their children were able to assist them with hive activities without being stung by bees. Buyers were able to easily identify which fit was best for their child thanks to the thorough sizing information.

Buy Genuine Beekeeping Suites from Oz Armour UK

OZ ARMOUR Beekeeping Protective Gear is the most popular in Australia, New Zealand, and the world in 2016. OZ Armor provides long-lasting protection. The fabric is sting-resistant and breathable to ensure your comfort. Australian beekeepers designed this brand for Australians.

OZ ARMOUR supports underprivileged children's education.


Given the variety of kids' beekeeping suits available on the market, finding a suitable suit for your child may be tough. The good news is that once you've learned how and what to look for when buying a suit for your child, you'll be able to easily find one that perfectly matches your budget and various needs. As a devoted beekeeper who intends to carry on this tradition to future generations, you want a beekeeping suit that not only fits perfectly but is also durable and of high quality.