Oz Armour Ventilated Beekeeping Suit Review

The Oz Armour Beekeeper Jacket is comprised of a three-layer cloth mesh that allows air to circulate through your body while protecting you from bee stings. Oz Armour maintains a bee-repellent barrier. Our veils have a unique insert within the hood that maintains the hood deep enough for noses and spectacles. Because the suit is thicker than a bee sting, it protects you from bee stings.

Simple to put on

The wrist Velcro and elastics allow for customization for your comfort, and the veils are readily attached with zippers.

Longevity and durability

Our Jacket's hood is made of robust metallic Italian mesh, industrial-grade material with rayon reinforcement for the pockets, and is designed to last for years. Stitching with reinforced twill tape.

Improved features

Front neck zippers overlap each other and have a flap to conceal the zipper for added protection. YKK Plastic Zippers are smoother and more durable than brass zippers. The round brim hat has a comfy elastic chin strap to keep it from shifting while on your head. Two years of warranty.


If you need to adjust your glasses or take a sip of water, the fence hood unfolds from the front. Oz Armour's leg-high zippers make it simple to put on and take off. Adjustment is possible thanks to Velcro and elastics on the ankles and wrists. A plastic insert is used to keep the veil straight. Our hood has a unique insert within the hood that keeps the mesh away from your face.

Zippers on the neck overlap each other for your protection, preventing bee entry. Nylon YKK zippers are smoother and last longer than brass zippers. Double leg sliders and a front zipper for easy access to internal pockets and comfort in the bathroom.

Special Design

 Designed with the beekeeper in mind, the vented jacket has a slightly longer torso to prevent the jacket from riding up when bending over, making you more secure and ultra-confident when working your bees; a feature designed for both men and women so everyone can be sting-free in the bee yard. For added resilience, this suit has reinforced twill tape stitching. This function extends the life of your suit.


The collar does not press against your neck and has a large enough opening to pull the jacket off and on without unzipping the veil or front zipper. This function alone will make this jacket a natural component of your beekeeping arsenal, allowing you to rapidly enter and exit your beehive. The veil is detachable and hands washable, whereas the jacket is machine washable.

Buy Genuine Beekeeping Suites from Oz Armour UK

As of 2016, OZ ARMOUR Beekeeping Protective Gear is the most popular brand in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. Wearing OZ Armor will keep you protected for years to come. To ensure your comfort, the fabric has been rigorously tested for sting protection and breathability. Designed by Australian beekeepers for Australians, this brand is proudly Australian.

OZ ARMOUR contributes to the education of underprivileged children through charitable donations.